Current Tenants

All the info you need for emergency issues, maintenance, snow removal, and tenant guidelines.

Emergency Issues

R&K Property Management offers 24-hour maintenance for emergency issues, such as Heat or Water concerns.

Call our office at 207-947-5517 and if it is outside of our regular business hours of 9:00-4:00, weekdays, the voicemail will direct you to leave a message for the on-call maintenance department.

Please inform R&K if your phone number changes.

Snow Removal

R&K will go to every property at least twice a storm.

If tenants see that R&K is there to plow & they can move their cars at that time, R&K will plow the whole spot/ driveway, etc.  However, if tenants are unable to move their cars for plowing, they can expect they may need to shovel around their cars. R&K will not return to properties in addition to the 2+ times they go to each property to ‘re-plow’ a tenant out.  

In addition, even if tenants move their cars there may be shoveling that is necessary.  It is incumbent on the tenant to obtain & use salt, to obtain & use a shovel for walkways and around their cars.  R&K does not shovel walkways. 

Each snowfall is evaluated by R&K as to length of storm, type of snow, timing of snow, and how heavily the snow is falling.  R&K makes decisions on plowing based on all of these factors. Please be patient as R&K has multiple properties to plow during the winter. 

Tenant Guidelines:

  • All of our units are non-smoking.  No smoking of any kind, including marijuana, is allowed in the units.
  • In parking lots that require R&K parking permits, guests of tenants must park off-site as there is not enough space in the parking lot for all the tenants  and guests to park.  
  • No pets permitted without the approval of R&K.
  • Between October and May, no air conditioners may be in windows and all windows must stay closed and locked. 
  • If your unit wants to add a tenant to the lease, the prospective tenant must submit an application to R&K, pay the application fee & wait to be accepted before moving in.  If accepted, R&K will prepare a lease addendum adding the new tenant to the lease. 
  • If a tenant in your unit decides to move out, while others remain, inform R&K and R&K will prepare a lease addendum removing the tenant from the lease.
  • The security deposit remains with the unit, regardless if one tenant in the party moves out.
  • If you want to install cable and/or internet, you may do so, but dishes must be placed on a pole.  You may not drill any holes. You may not attach a disk or wires to the building. If you need access to the basement or any other building area that requires R&K to provide access, please let us know about your appointment ahead of time.  If you have any questions, call the office.
  • Do not dispose of grease down the drain.
  • Tenants are not permitted to paint any part of the units.
  • Tenants are not permitted to change the locks on the units, including the bedroom doors.


  • Rent made be paid with cash, check or money order.  We do not accept electronic forms of payment.
  • Our leases are for an initial one year term, followed by month to month.
  • A 30-day notice to vacate is required, in accordance with the lease.